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Avoid Breach

Secure Your Business with F12's Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Why F12 MDR?

Cyber threats are a real and growing danger to businesses of all sizes. Relying solely on traditional security measures is no longer sufficient. Advanced cyber criminals, including organized crime groups and state-sponsored hackers, are targeting businesses with sophisticated attacks.

F12's MDR provides the robust protection you need, combining advanced technology with expert monitoring to keep your business safe 24/7.

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What is MDR?

MDR (Managed Detection and Response) is like having a team of security experts watching over your business's digital environment 24/7. Imagine it as a security service that constantly monitors your computer systems, looks for signs of trouble (like hackers or malware), and steps in to fix problems before they can cause damage. Think of it this way:



It’s like having a security alarm that alerts you if someone tries to break into your house.


Once the alarm goes off, instead of you handling it alone, a team of professionals immediately responds to stop the intruder and secure your home.

In essence, MDR helps keep your business safe from cyber threats by combining advanced technology with human expertise, ensuring you're protected at all times.

Why Do You Need MDR?

The Risks Without MDR:


Extended Downtime

Cyber security incidents prevent 54% of impacted businesses in Canada from carrying out day-to-day work.


Revenue Loss

10% of Canadian businesses report lost revenue from cyber incidents.


Financial Loss

30% of businesses experience additional repair or recovery costs due to cyberattacks.


Reputation Damage

6% of businesses report damage to their reputation due to cyber incidents.

With F12's MDR, you can prevent these devastating outcomes and ensure your business remains secure and operational.

The Current Threat Landscape


of organizations had at least one user try to connect to a phishing site.


of organizations experienced some level of unsolicited cryptomining.


found information-stealing malware activity.


of organizations had users served malicious browser ads.


of organizations encountered ransomware-related activity.

Overall, cryptomining, phishing, ransomware, and trojans averaged 10 times the internet activity of all other threat types.

The F12 MDR Advantage

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Live Network Map: Achieve comprehensive visibility across all endpoints and cloud assets, ensuring no blind spots.
  • Real-Time Incident Response: Swiftly address threats as they unfold, minimizing potential damage.

Advanced Threat Detection

  • Stealth Attacker Detection: Identify sophisticated tradecraft that automated tools might miss, providing a deeper layer of security.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Detect unusual activities with advanced heuristic methods, catching threats early.

Expertise and Support

  • 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC): Benefit from continuous monitoring by experienced security professionals, ensuring around-the-clock protection.
  • Threat Intelligence: Stay ahead of emerging threats with actionable insights and proactive defense measures.
  • CISSP Security Consultation: Gain strategic security guidance and robust incident response from certified experts.

Proven Performance: Real-World Outcomes

Without MDR

Law Firm: Suffered a network infiltration, resulting in a $135,000 ransom payment and 11 months of disruption.

Auto Dealerships: Experienced extensive operational disruptions after a cyberattack, leading to multiple days of system downtime and significant financial losses.


With MDR

Manufacturer: Protected millions in military and aerospace contracts when our MDR blocked a phishing attack within seconds.

Our clients have experienced significant reductions in attack impact, saving both time and money, and maintaining their business continuity.

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